And the winner of the “Are My Roots Showing” competition is…

May 17, 2017 | Competition

Well the competition was stiff, with some really good entries such as „snieging” which was purportedly coined by a wędrownik (explorer scout) in the 80’s,  „hooverować” and „wyrzucić do baku” – I for one had accepted this as Polish but I have since looked up „bak” to find it only means the petrol tank.

Also „idź szałeruj” was pretty close and having „karotki” for lunch. I liked the Facebook entry too: „Bylam w markecie in my rolki and slipercy i kupilam biskwity”.

But overall, I agreed with my husband, who judged it, that „Czy możemy dziś mieć kolacje z cipsiarni?” just won us over. A perfect Polish and English combination.  

So congratulations Agnieszka Shepherd – a copy of the book will be winging its way to you today.



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