Which beach can you cycle to, roller skate and have a boogie on?

August 11, 2017 | Info

Well let me give you a clue, it’s in Poland on the Baltic Coast. My article earlier this year on the wonders of  Sopot didn’t mention Jelitkowo that’s a walk down the large expanse of beach.

Here you can relax on the sand, listening to the beat of music from the nearest beach bar, never too loud, use the water slides, play volleyball or just swim in the warm sea.

Strollers walk by, either eagerly in bikinis and walking poles or in conversation, children play in the sea or dig ( no sand castles here – must be a very British pastime) and no one seems ill at ease with their bodies. Whatever your shape, speedos or bikini is acceptable.

And when you tire of the beach, just walk off it straight into a small FunFair with attractions for children, ice cream and waffle stalls and a restaurant that has outdoor dancing in the evenings. As you can see, anyone can join in, singles, couples or trios. In Poland the urge to dance is too strong to resist for most people. The minute there’s music they’re up for it.

The old folk can sit here’s and watch the goings on if the beach is too hot and depending on their activity level, could always hire one of these contraptions for 15PLN ( about £3) for half an hour.

Though in reality they’re actually quite hard to pedal. Still, the extra exercise means you can eat a good pudding after your meal in one of the many restaurants along this long pine and birch lined coastal path. When it’s hot you can really cool down here.

As we’re staying in Gdańsk with friends, this is a short tram ride away, yet we have the jewels of Gdańsk at our fingertips, so recently visited by the royal couple, Prince William and Kate.

There’s also the opportunity to learn to roller skate in the park,  just beyond the FunFair, from this groovy guy.

Only in Poland!

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