A unique look at Polish identity for Polish Heritage Days 2022

Each of us has a unique Polish heritage: we have all been influenced in different ways by our family, friends, community and history.  Our memories are often imprinted on objects, photographs of bygone days and also bound up with places, feelings, smells or sounds. What are yours? This campaign invites you to present five elements of your Polish Heritage. Join us by emailing your entry. Mail to: ak@polishatheart.com or fill in the google form. 


Nina Finbow


Monika Szary

Marek Szablewski

Katarzyna Zechenter

Dr Katarzyna Zechenter, an academic at UCL and a poet, winner of the poetry prize of the Union of Polish Writers Abroad

Jane Wieckowicz

Edward Jarosz

Veronica Lagun

Basia Malarz

Grażyna Galatowicz

Krys Chandler

Danuta Cass

Urszula Grabowska

Ewa Stacewicz

Jean Sztul-Belda

Renata Mucha

George Stacewicz

Richard D. Gdulewicz

Jacek Orchel

Vincent Zdzitowiecki

Peter Muskus

Teresa Myk

Anna Kucewicz