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May 6, 2022 | Identity and citizenship

Polish at Heart is celebrating its 5th birthday this month. It’s been an absolute whirl of activity in all those years: there is just so much to write about and it’s been a privilege to hear from so many of you, in particular sharing your family stories. As part of Polish Heritage Days 2022,  I’m offering you the opportunity to share your individual memories via the  #MyPolishHeritage campaign.

Your identity

Each of us has a unique Polish heritage. We have all been influenced in different ways by our family, friends, community and history. What makes up your heritage?  Our memories are often imprinted on objects, photographs of bygone days and also bound up with places, feelings, smells and sounds. Once you start thinking of these, there are many overlapping memories but I’m inviting you to choose five elements of your Polish Heritage.

The campaign

Several people from our wide Polish community have already shared their #MyPolishHeritage. Each is so distinct, yet somehow familiar, sparking fresh memories too: here’s a sneak preview of one. What will your contribution look like?

Your heritage

Take yourself back to your childhood and what has formed your Polish identity. It will undoubtedly be different to others’. Once you have chosen your five unique images, please either:

  • email me your images on ak@polishatheart.com with short descriptions and permission to upload them to the campaign site. Please try to keep the text short, about 25 words if possible but I will publish longer ones.
  • or
  • if you have a google account and prefer forms, upload your images and descriptions to: https://forms.gle/CWBiyYDUaYRm5eS36
  • Entries will be accepted up to and including 15 June 2022.

“I was delighted to be invited to submit some images associated with my Polish heritage.  Had I a sixth choice it would have been of Our Lady of Częstochowa whose image is so familiar, poignant & representative of the Polish nation.” Nina Finbow

View the gallery

See what others have already posted on www.polishatheart.com/mypolishheritage. If you have any questions do ask, but I do hope you’ll join me in sharing #MyPolishHeritage and who knows, it may lead to an exhibition of our very individual sense of Polish identity and heritage.

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